Crystal Lattice Structures: Creation Date: 22 May 2002
Last Modified: 31 Jul 2008

Structures in a Trigonal Space Group (#143-#167)

Structures having a trigonal space group correspond to Pearson Symbols hRn and some hPn.

P3 (#147)

B_b icon
η AgZn (Bb)

R3 (#148)

D0_5 icon
BiI3 (D05)
PdAl icon
cubane icon
Solid Cubane (C8H8)
FeTiO_3 icon
Ilmenite (FeTiO3)

P321 (#150)

Fe_2P icon
Original Fe2P (C22)

P3112 (#151)

D0_4 icon
CrCl3 (D04)

P3121 (#152)

gamma Se icon
γSe (A8)

P3221 (#154)

Cinnabar icon
Cinnabar (B9)
low Quartz icon
α (low) Quartz (SiO2)

R32 (#155)

Ni_3 S_2 icon
Ni3S2 (D5e)
AlF_3 icon
AlF3 (D014)

R3m (#160)

NiS icon
NiS (B13)
9R CSi icon
Moissanite-9R (CSi)

R3c (#161)

ferroelectric Li Nb O_3 icon

P31m (#162)

V_2 N icon

P31c (#163)

KAg(CN)_2 icon
KAg(CN)2 (F510)

P3m1 (#164)

omega icon
Trigonal omega
Al_3 Ni_2 icon
Al3Ni2 (D519)

P3c1 (#165)

H_3 Ho icon
H3 Ho

R3m (#166)

beta Po icon
βPo (Ai)
Ar icon
Arsenic (A7)
alpha Hg icon
αHg (A10)
alpha Sm icon
αSm (C19)
Bi_2 Te_3 icon
Bi2Te3 (C33)
Mo_2 B_5 (D8_i) Icon
Mo2B5 (D8i)
Fe_7 W_6 (D8_5) Icon
Fe7W6 (D85)
Caswellsilverite   icon
Caswellsilverite (F51)
CuPt icon
CuPt (L11)
alpha B icon
beta Boron icon
rhombohedral graphite icon
Rhombohedral Graphite
  beta O_2 icon

R3c (#167)

corundum icon
Corundum (D51)
Ca C O_3 icon
CaCO3 (Calcite)
paraelectric Li Nb O_3 icon

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