Crystal Lattice Structures: Creation Date: 17 May 2002
Last Modified: 21 Oct 2004

Strukturbericht Type A

Protactinium icon
Aa (αPa) Structure
beta Uranium icon
Ab (βU) Structure
alpha-Np icon
Ac (αNp) Structure
beta-Np icon
Ad (βNp) Structure
simple hexagonal lattice icon
Af (Simple Hexagonal) Lattice
T-50 Boron Icon
Ag (T-50 Boron) Structure
simple cubic icon
Ah (simple cubic) Structure
beta Po icon
Ai (βPo) Structure
alpha Se icon
Ak (αSe) Structure
beta Se icon
Al (βSe) Structure
fcc icon
A1 (fcc) Structure
bcc icon
A2 (bcc) Structure
hcp icon
A3 (hcp) Structure
alpha La icon
A3' (αLa) Structure
diamond icon
A4 (diamond) Structure
beta tin icon
A5 (βSn) Structure
indium icon
A6 (Indium) Structure
arsenic icon
A7 (αArsenic) Structure
gamma selenium icon
A8 (γSelenium) Structure
graphite icon
A9 (graphite) Structure
mercury icon
A10 (αHg) Structure
gallium icon
A11 (αGa) Structure
alpha manganese icon
A12 (αMn) Structure
beta manganese icon
A13 (βMn) Structure
Molecular Iodine icon
A14 (I2) Structure
A15 icon
A15 (Cr3Si) Structure
sulfur icon
A16 (αS) Structure
platinum black icon
A17 (black Phosphorus) Structure
  uranium icon
A20 (αU) Structure

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