Crystal Lattice Structures: Creation Date: 17 May 2002
Last Modified: 21 Oct 2004

Strukturbericht Type B

B_a icon
Ba (CoU) Structure
B_b icon
Bb (ηAgZn) Structure
B_e icon
Be (CdSb) Structure
B_g icon
Bg (MoB) Structure
tungsten carbide icon
Bh (WC) Structure
AsTi icon
Bi (AsTi) Structure
BN (B_k) Icon
Bk (BN) Structure
rock salt icon
B1 (NaCl) Structure
cesium chloride icon
B2 (CsCl) Structure
zincblende icon
B3 (Zincblende) Structure
wurtzite icon
B4 (Wurtzite) Structure
nickel arsenide icon
B81 (NiAs) Structure
InNi2 icon
B82 (InNi2) Structure
cinnabar icon
B9 (Cinnabar) Structure
lead oxide icon
B10 (PbS) Structure
copper titanium icon
B11 (γCuTi) Structure
BN (B12) Icon
B12 (BN)
NiS structure icon
B13 (NiS) Structure
germanium sulfide icon
B16 (GeS) Structure
PtS icon
B17 (PtS) Structure
CuS structure icon
B18 (CuS) Structure
cadmium gold icon
B19 (AuCd) Structure
iron silicide icon
B20 (FeSi) Structure
CO icon
B21 (CO) Structure
TlF icon
B24 (TlF) Structure
copper oxide icon
B26 (CuO) Structure
iron boride icon
B27 (FeB) Structure
SnS structure icon
B29 (SnS) Structure
MnP icon
B31 (MnP) Structure
sodium thallium icon
B32 (NaTl) Structure
chromium boride icon
B33 (CrB) Structure
PdS icon
B34 (PdS) Structure
CoSn icon
B35 (CoSn) Structure
  SeTl icon
B37 (SeTl) Structure

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