Crystal Lattice Structures: Creation Date: 17 May 2002
Last Modified: 26 Jun 2006

Strukturbericht Type C

Mg2Ni icon
Ca (Mg2Ni)
Pd Sn_2 icon
Ce (PdSn2)
Cu2Te icon
Ch (Cu2Te)
fluorite icon
C1 (Fluorite)
magnesium silver arsenide icon
C1b (MgAgAs)
pyrite icon
C2 (Pyrite)
cuprite icon
C3 (Cuprite)
rutile icon
C4 (Rutile)
Anatase icon
C5 (Anatase)
trigonal omega icon
C6 (trigonal ω Phase)
MoS_2 icon
C7 (MoS2)
high quartz icon
C8 (high Quartz, SiO2)
Ideal beta cristobalite icon
C9 (Ideal β-Cristobalite)
beta tridymite icon
C10 (β-Tridymite, SiO2)
molybdenum disilicide icon
C11b (MoSi2)
hexagonal laves I icon
C14 (Laves) (MgZn2)
cubic laves icon
C15 (Laves) (Cu2Mg)
MgSnCu4 icon
C15b (MgSnCu4)
C16 icon
C16 (Al2Cu)
C18 (Marcasite)
samarium (9R) icon
C19 (αSm)
Brookite icon
C21 (Brookite)
Fe_2P icon
Original C22 (Fe2P)
Fe_2P icon
Revised C22 (Fe2P)
PbCl_2 icon
C23 (Cotunnite, PbCl2)
HgBr_2 icon
C24 (HgBr2)
HgCl_2 icon
C25 (HgCl2)
hexagonal omega icon
C32 (Hexagonal ω)
Bi_2 Te_3 icon
C33 (Bi2Te3)
AuTe_2 icon
C34 (AuTe2)
CaCl_2 icon
C35 (CaCl2)
hexagonal lavesII icon
C36 (Laves) (MgNi2)
Co2Si icon
C37 (Co2Si)
Cu2Sb icon
C38 (Cu2Sb)
Cr Si_2 icon
C40 (CrSi2)
S_2 Si-icon
C42 (S2Si)
Zr O_2 icon
C43 (Baddeleyite, ZrO2)
GeS_2 icon
C44 (GeS2)
Krennerite icon
C46 (Krennerite, AuTe2)
zirconium  disilicide icon
C49 (ZrSi2)
  titanium disilicide icon
C54 (TiSi2)

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