Crystal Lattice Structures: Creation Date: 17 May 2002
Last Modified: 31 Jul 2008

Strukturbericht Type L

ThH2   icon
L'2 (ThH2) Structure
copper gold   icon
L10 (AuCu) Structure
copper platinum   icon
L11 (CuPt) Structure
copper-3 gold   icon
L12 (Cu3Au) Structure
Cd Pt_3 icon
“L13” (CdPt3)
heusler icon
L21 (Heusler) (AlCu2Mn) Structure
Sb2Tl7 (L2_2)   icon
L22 (Sb2Tl7) Structure
  copper titanium-3   icon
L60 (CuTi3) Structure

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