Crystal Lattice Structures: Creation Date: 22 May 2002
Last Modified: 12 Mar 2007

Structures in a Hexagonal Space Group (#168-#194)

Structures having a hexagonal space group correspond to some structures with Pearson Symbol hPn.

P6222 (#180)

beta Quartz icon
β (high) Quartz (SiO2)
Cr Si_2 icon
CrSi2 (C40)
Mg_2 Ni icon
Mg2Ni (Ca)

P6322 (#182)

Bainite icon
Bainite (Fe3C)

P63mc (#186)

Wurtzite icon
Wurtzite (B4)
Buckled Graphite icon
Buckled Graphite
BN (B12) icon
BN (B12)
Al5C3N icon
Al5C3N (E94)
6H-CSi icon
Moissanite-6H (CSi)
4H-CSi icon
Moissanite-4H (CSi)

P6m2 (#187)

WC icon
WC (Bh)
BaPtSb icon

P62m (#189)

Fe_2P icon
Revised Fe2P (C22)

P6/mmm (#191)

simple hexagonal icon
Simple Hexagonal
(Af) Lattice
CoSn icon
CoSn (B35) Lattice
Cu_2 Te icon
Cu2Te (Ch)
omega phase icon
ideal ω (C32)
Ca Cu_5 icon
CaCu5 (D2d)
Al B_4 Mg icon
  Li3N icon

P63/mmc (#194)

hcp icon
hcp (A3)
alpha La icon
αLa (A3')
graphite icon
graphite (A9)
AsTi icon
AsTi (Bi)
BN (B_k) icon
BN (Bk)
NiAs icon
NiAs (B81)
In Ni_2 icon
InNi2 (B82)
CuS structure icon
CuS (B18)
MoS_2 icon
MoS2 (C7)
tridymite icon
β Tridymite (C10, SiO2)
MgZn_2 icon
Hexagonal Laves (C14)
MgNi_2 icon
Hexagonal Laves (C36)
Na_3 As icon
Na3As (D018)
Ni_3 Sn icon
Ni3Sn (D019)
W_2 B_5 (D8_h) Icon
W2B5 (D8h)
Lonsdaleite icon
(Hexagonal Diamond)
Al C Cr_2 icon
Al N_3 Ti_4 icon
CMo icon
CaIn2 icon
C-3 ring icon
Tetrahedrally Bonded Carbon
with 3 Member Rings
  LiBC icon

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