Crystal Lattice Structures: Reference Date: 1 Jan 2000
Last Modified: 27 Jun 2006

Sulfur and its compounds

alpha-Sulfur Icon

alpha-Sulfur Icon
αS (A16) Structure
Zincblende Icon
Zincblende (Cubic ZnS)
Wurtzite Icon
Wurtzite (Hexagonal ZnS)
Cinnabar icon
Cinnabar (B9)
NiS structure icon
NiS (B13) Structure
GeS structure icon
GeS (B16) Structure
PtS structure icon
PtS (B17) Structure
CuS structure icon
CuS (B18) Structure
SnS structure icon
SnS (B29) Structure
PdS structure icon
PdS (B34) Structure
Pyrite icon
Pyrite (C2)
MoS_2 icon
MoS2 (C7)
Marcasite icon
Marcasite (C18)
S_2 Si-icon
S2Si (C42)
GeS2 icon
GeS2 (C44)
BaS_3 icon
BaS3 (D017)
Ni3S2 icon
Ni3S2 (D5e)
Sb_2 S_3 icon
Sb2S3 (D58)
Chalcopyrite icon
Chalcopyrite (E11)
Al2CdS4 icon
Al2CdS4 (E3)
NiSSb icon
NiSSb (F01)
Caswellsilverite icon
Caswellsilverite (F51)
CuSbS_2 icon
CuSbS2 (F56)
Sulvanite icon
Sulvanite (H24)
As Cu_3 S_4 (H2_5) icon
(Enargite, H25)
Stannite icon
Stannite (H26)
Al P S_4 icon
As Cu_3 S_4 icon
cubic AsCu3S4
As K_3 S_4 icon
BaS_3 icon
FeS2 (P1) icon
FeS2 (P1)
  P Pr S_4 icon

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