Crystal Lattice Structures: Creation Date: 17 May 2002
Last Modified: 24 Feb 2007

Strukturbericht Type D

beta Cu_3 Ti icon
D0a (βCu3Ti)
Si U_3 icon
D0c (SiU3)
Ir_3 Si icon
D0'c (Ir3Si)
skutterudite   icon
D02 (Skutterudite)
D0_3 icon
D03 (AlFe3)
D0_4 icon
D04 (CrCl3)
D0_5 icon
D05 (BiI3)
D0_9 icon
D09 (αReO3)
cementite icon
D011 (Fe3C, cementite)
AlF_3 icon
D014 (AlF3)
AlCl_3 icon
D015 (AlCl3)
BaS_3 icon
D017 (BaS3)
D0_18 icon
D018 (Na3As)
D0_19 icon
D019 (Ni3Sn)
D0_22 icon
D022 (Al3Ti)
D0_23 icon
D023 (Al3Zr)
Ammonia icon
D1 (NH3)
Mo Ni_4 icon
D1a (MoNi4)
D1_c icon
D1c (PtSn4)
Al_4 Ba icon
D13 (Al4Ba)
Mn_12 Th icon
D2b (Mn12Th)
CaCu_5 icon
D2d (CaCu5)
Ba Hg_{11} icon
D2e (BaHg11)
U B_12 icon
D2f (UB12)
D2_1 icon
D21 (B6Ca)
Si_2 U_3 icon
D5a (Si2U3)
D5_c icon
D5c (C3Pu2)
D5_e icon
D5e (Ni3S2)
corundum icon
D51 (Corundum)
Bixbyite (Mn2O3, D5_3) icon
Bixbyite (D53)
Sb_2 S_3 icon
D58 (Sb2S3)
Sb_2 O_3 icon
Sb2O3 (D511)
D5_19 icon
D519 (Al3Ni2)
d8_b icon
D8b (σCrFe)
W_2 B_5 (D8_h) Icon
D8h (W2B5)
Mo_2 B_5 (D8_i) Icon
D8i (Mo2B5)
Cr_23 C_6 (D8_4) Icon
D84 (Cr23C6)
Fe_7 W_6 (D8_5) Icon
D85 (Fe7W6)
D10_1 icon
D101 (C3Cr7)

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